Dale Gregory and The Shouters

This site is about a band from way back in the 1960s called Dale Gregory and The Shouters.

It's the story of a bunch of high-school kids who grew up in a very small city in South Dakota who loved rock and roll with a passion.

In just three years the band evolved to become one of the midwest's most popular bands. In addition to their own tours, the band also appeared with leading national and international performers. In recent years, the band has been featured on both public radio and network television in the US.

In the days ahead,  this site will be expanded to include memorabilia, photos, music and video downloads and will tell the complete story of the band, its members, and all of the people who helped make the great adventure possible.

In the process, we hope you'll get a sense of the excitement of the 1960s and the enormous impact that rock and roll music had in reconfiguring the cultural landscape of that time.

So, stop by periodically to look for further progress and feel free to contact us with ideas, suggestions, and any material that you'd like to see included.